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. . . to Central Christian Church on the web! Central is a congregation with a long history of ministry to Danville and around the world.

As committed followers of Jesus, we seek to grow in our relationship with him and our desire to be like him. We invite you to not only look around this site, but to come worship with us. Our desire is to help you connect with Jesus, others and the community.

We pray God’s blessings upon you this day and every day!


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Central Christian Church

1101 N. Vermilion Street
Danville, IL 61832

Church: 217-442-2915
Pre-School: 217-446-2797

Sunday Mornings

9:00 AM Sunday School
9:45 Meet and Greet
10:00 AM Worship

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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Lenten Bible Study

Lenten Bible Study

Mark your calendars for our Lenten Bible Study led by Pastor Michael Sinclair beginning on March 1 for four weeks. Meet in the community room for a light meal at 5:30 pm with the Bible Study at 6:00 pm. A sign up sheet will be on the board across from the office in February so that we know how many to plan for the meal and study.  

Join Us On:

March 1 –  2 Samuel 11 & 12

March 8 – Psalm 51: 1-6

March 15 – Psalm 51: 7-12

March 22 – Psalm 51: 13-17


An in-depth look at Psalm 51. Background information from 2 Samuel 11 and 12.

Psalm 51 is ordinarily classified as a prayer for help or an individual lament/complaint. What sets it apart is that the psalmist’s complaint involves his or her own sinfulness. Thus the church has with good reason included it among the seven Penitential Psalms (Psalms 6; 32; 38; 102; 130; 143). Psalm 51 is the most dramatic and familiar of the Penitential Psalms.

The superscription is the first clue to what Psalm 51 is about: sin and forgiveness. It is an invitation for readers to hear Psalm 51 against the background of the story of David’s taking of Bathsheba and murder of her husband Uriah (2 Samuel 11), as well as the subsequent confrontation between Nathan and David (2 Samuel 12: 1-14).

This story is as much or more about God’s character than it is about human sinfulness, both of which are in view in Psalm 51: 1-6/ The series of imperatives in vv. 7-12 petition God for forgiveness and re-creation. The series is broken by v. 13, and vv. 13-15 anticipate the psalmist’s transformed existence. Verses 16-17 offer the psalmist’s concluding observations about sin and sacrifice.

As testimony to the pervasiveness of sin and as a call to be reconciled to God, Psalm 51 is clearly appropriate for its assigned use on Ash Wednesday and during the season of Lent. As a powerful Proclamation of God’s grace, this Psalm is clearly also a Psalm for all seasons. Let us pause this Lenten Season to examine our own lives. In a nutshell, Psalm 51 is not just about Israel or David or some unknown ancient psalmist; it is also about us! It is about who we are and how we are as individuals, families, churches—sin pervades our lives.


Holy Week Worship

March 25th is Palm Sunday. Please plan on joining us at 10 A.M. for worship that moves from Jesus and his triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the overtones of the pain and suffering that this week also holds for our Savior.


Holy Thursday Worship is at 7 P.M. on March 29. This is often called Maundy Thursday based on the Latin word “mandatum” which means commandment. At the Last Supper Jesus commanded us to love one another (John 13:34.) It also commemorates the beginning of what we call The Lord’s Supper/Communion.


On Good Friday, March 30, we will host a prayer vigil from 6 A.M. until noon. You will be able to sign up and come to the sanctuary to pray during a 30 minute segment of time. The sign-up chart will be in the lobby on March 1st.


Easter Sunday, April 1, worship will be at 10 A.M. We will join together in the sanctuary for a triumphant worship experience that celebrates Jesus’ victory over death. There will be inspiring music and an uplifting message of the hope and the grace God has given to us.


Spring Rummage Sale

The Spring Rummage Sale will be held on April 28th.  With a limited number of volunteers it is difficult to remove clothing from bags or boxes and get them on hangers so we will make hangers and racks available and ask that you hang up your clothing donations or fold them and place them on a designated table. We will begin accepting donations on Monday April 23rd.  We cannot accept televisions or computer monitors.



On Monday, February 19, Central Christian Church in Danville, Il, lost one of its stalwart members, Mr. Harlan Smith, at the age of 101.


From what I was told, Harlan left his footprints on the sands of our time. And he did so for everyone he came in contact with in unique ways. On the day of his home going, all of us gathered as family, as friends, as church friends, as community leaders— and as fellow pilgrims who travel the self-same paths of life towards death. Together we mourn the loss of one so dear. Yet intermingled with the sadness within is the high note of gladness. Harlan lived a life full of accomplishment— a noble life that evinced the highest of moral values. Hopefully his legacy will be carried on. All of this we celebrate. But most of all, we celebrate the assurance of eternal life that comes through Harlan’s faith.


Central Christian Church was a major benefactor of the contributions that Harlan made during his life-time. He was a Sunday School Teacher and was known for his preparation. He was always there, in his Sunday school class; he was there with words of encouragement and praise. It is said that Harlan had the patience of Job. This comes about because he had an uncanny evaluation of the human spirit. He believed in people, in every ability to rise high and to accomplish great things. He believed that there was more in people than what naturally came out and that with encouragement, we could be the best we could be. Because of these beliefs, Harlan considered everyone as part of his extended family.


When Harlan’s life is examined there are no better words that these: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Now we are assured that he is at rest with God in perfect peace. Our promise of the heavenly reward is never based on our merit, but on our commitment we have made to Christ. Salvation and the heavenly home is God’s grace gift to us. We don’t earn it. But God has graciously looked upon us and given us life eternal.

We bid farewell to Harlan, and with God’s promise that on one glad day all of God’s children will be brought together in God’s heaven. There will be grand family reunions.





Your Prayer Team continues to meet every Monday at 4:30 pm here at the church.   We lift up in prayer each and every person listed on the prayer list as well as those mentioned during Sunday service.

In addition, the Prayer Team added a Caring Card Ministry in July 2017. Our prayer team has been sending out cards to further support those who are ill, recovering from surgery, going through difficult times, etc., and to our shut-ins and those who are home-bound.    Since July we have sent out 143 cards. If you know of someone that you would like to have included on the prayer list or Caring Card List please contact the Church Office (442-2915).

Note** When completing prayer request cards in church please include an address and we will be happy to send a card!

A special thanks to those who have kept us supplied with cards and stamps to continue this ministry!

You are welcome to join us at prayer time on Mondays!

Questions? See Jenny Trimmell or Patsy Jones.


Summer Camp

Camp Schedule


Camp Walter Scott

Camp Acts- June 3-9

CYF- June 10-16

Senior- June 27- 29

Grandparents and Me- July 8-11

Beginners July 11-14t

Chi-Rho-July 15-21

Chi-Rho/JYF- July 22-28

Post High- August 3-5


Adult Week at C.W.S.

“Leviticus 6:13”  June 17-23


Pilgrim Park

JYF- June the 24-30

Chi-Rho/CYF/Beginners- July 1-7


To register go online to mhttps://cciwdisciples.org/camp-program/resources/

Food Pantry Sunday

During these trying difficult times, there are many people who are dependent on local food pantries for assistance. Our church has supported the Danville Township Food Pantry for many years as a way of reaching out to those in need. While you are welcome to bring donations for the food pantry at any time, the last Sunday of each month is designated here at Central as Food Pantry Sunday. We invite you to bring non-perishable, prepackaged items and place them in the containers in front of the church office. This month’s Food Pantry Sunday will be March 25. Please help us touch the lives of people in our community.